About Us

The first shop was opened in 1992 in an old tobacco barn in the middle of a Warsaw, NC field with the mission of creating well-crafted, expertly calculated, custom furniture. Initially, most of the materials were imported. The Design Workshop team quickly realized that keeping things local was the way to go. Not only could they stand by the quality standards of the local products, but they could talk to real people and drive to see the raw materials. In addition to exceptional products, the team could now respond more quickly to their orders and push the customization of each product further.

Two buildings later, Design Workshop boasts a metal fabrication shop and two wood production shops onsite. Building furniture solely from sustainable Appalachian forest wood, the workshop is thriving, building more and doing more installations than ever before. Browse our gallery to get a glimpse of something you’ll love.

100%of our furniture products are created here, in the United States of America.

The Short of It

Design Workshop is a true and told workshop – We work with our hands and we build things. The pieces we offer are as unique to a room or to a feeling, as the people utilizing them. Our furniture is always built to order. Create your vision as you see fit, we will build and a room will transpire.

The Owner

David Carlton, Designer | Owner

Originally from Warsaw, North Carolina David attended the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill as Journalism major. Little did he know his high-school shop lessons and a brief stint at an advertising agency would lead to him founding a successful custom furniture company. While living in New York, working for an architectural firm, David was inspired to build things and hone his craftsman skills. After the firm closed shop to move to Oklahoma, David decided he would move back to Warsaw, NC. He opened a workshop because he claims, "he didn't know any better"; to designer and furniture connoisseur alike, we are all glad he didn't know any better and has contributed wonderful furniture to the world.