The Tables

How to build your perfect table.

Think about what would make the most perfect table for you. Have something in mind? Now let us turn it into a reality! Follow these simple steps, and talk to one of our helpful team members to get your order started today.

Choose your size & shape

  • rectangle table
    (Determine your L, W, H: 8 Stock Sizes or Custom Sizes Available)
  • round table
    (Determine your Diameter & H: 5 Stock Sizes or Custom Sizes Available)

Choose your table top material

  • steel table top
  • wood table top

Choose your base style

  • wood apron & legs
    Wood Apron & Legs
  • steel apron & legs
    Steel Apron & Legs
  • no apron
    No Apron
    (Pipe-Fitting Base)
  • pedestal
    (Wood or Steel Options)

Choose your leg style

  • farmhouse
  • oversized tapered
    Oversized Tapered
  • parsons square
    Parsons Square
  • ball & claw
    Ball & Claw
  • steel parsons
    Steel Parsons
    (With or Without Casters)
  • pedestal
    (Many Other Styles Available)

Choose your finish

- Wood Finishes -

  • Cracked Oak
    Cracked Oak
  • Naturally Aged
    Naturally Aged
  • Limed Cracked Oak
    Limed Cracked Oak
  • Driftwood
  • Limed Oak
    Limed Oak
  • Ebonized Oak
    Ebonized Oak
  • Rich Tobacco
    Rich Tobacco
  • Ebonized Lime
    Ebonized Lime
  • Waxed White
    Waxed White
  • Clear Lacquer
    Clear Lacquer
  • Limed Grey
    Limed Grey
  • Distressed Red
    Distressed Red
  • Natural Lime
    Natural Lime
  • Wormy Maple
    Wormy Maple

- Steel Finishes -

  • Acid Washed
    Acid Washed
  • Custom Powder Coating
    Custom Powder Coating